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The Collection of the Essex County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (EssexOGS)  – see list below


The Collection of the Essex County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (EssexOGS)
The collection of the EssexOGS is housed on the shelves of the Windsor Public Library (WPL, 2nd Floor, NE corner). The collection is organized by a system developed by the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS). The OGS classification system consists of 3 digit numbers plus a decimal point plus decimal digits after the point. The system is similar to the Dewey Decimal numbers used by the WPL they are different. The following is a brief outline of the classification system used by the EssexOGS.
  1. G.S.#
Type of material stored in this area
001.– Directories: Genealogical Research, city, telephone, area. Members interest lists from all sources.
003.– Genealogical Helper periodical – USA
008.– Lost in Canada – newsletter of queries published from 1975 to date
009.– Canadian Genealogist magazine (1979-1986). Stories & Family histories of Canadians
014.– Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Newsletter (1961-1988), Indexed. Material on Michigan, New England and early days in the USA
015.1 Alphabetically arranged newsletters from each of the 28 Branches of the OGS.
015.4 Alphabetically arranged newsletters from most of the Canadian provinces
015.8- Newsletters from the USA – Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Oregon & other donations
016-020 Archives & other sources – where records can be located
000 – 210 Church histories; mostly Windsor & Essex County School histories & yearbooks
300.– School histories, yearbooks
355.– Army records
400.– Fraternal Societies
900 – 918 Gazettes, maps, historical atlases & regional information
920.– Biographies, mostly of Canadians
921.– Men & women of Essex County; Commemorative Biographical Record 1904
928.– OGS Publications – Seminar reports, Annual reports, Membership lists & Families
929.– Birth, Marriage & Death (B.M.D.) records published for Essex, Kent & Lambton Counties & Ontario
929.41 B.M.D.’s from Amherstburg Echo – 1887…1890, partly indexed
929.50 Obituaries from the Windsor Star newspaper (also on W.S. web site). Nothing before 1950; mainly from 1976-1988.
930.– “How to do genealogy” beginners & advanced
931.– Family histories and charts donated or purchased concerning primarily Essex County families.
929.15 Marriage & Engagement announcements from the Windsor Star (newspaper) 1979-1987. Indexed.
929.56 Announcements of 50th Wedding Anniversaries, 90th birthdays & 5 generation photos from the Windsor Star. Indexed.
932.– Dictionnaire Genealogique des Families Canadienne. By C. Tanguay – 7 volumes.
932.8 French Families of the Detroit River Region 1701-1936. By Denisson (2 Volumes)
935.– Census records & indexes to the 1871 census of the Counties of Ontario
941.– Cemeteries of Essex County, transcribed by branch members. Headstones.
942.– Cemeteries of Kent County. (3 only)
946.– Cemeteries of other areas. (4 only)
971.– Histories of Essex County, the Province of Ontario, and Canada
972.– Ontario Historical Society papers and records. 1952-1983; Newsletters
974.– United Empire Loyalists – lists, records, etc.
975.– The Ontario Register – periodical; Volume 1 to 8. Valuable source of early records. Indexed.
Passenger Lists: For passenger lists, see Passenger and Immigration Lists Index by P. William Filby with Mary K. Meyer in WPL’s collection under the Dewey Decmal No. R929.37Pas
OGS Surname Index Extracted from newsletters, charts, etc. (An index card file found in the wooden card catalogue cabinet)
Historical Atlases of Ontario Historical atlases of Ontario are shelved with the WPL’s set of atlases on the atlas stand behind the elevator.
OGS Microfilms OGS microfilms are filed with the WPL’s microfilms in the microfilm cabinets on the 2nd floor in front of Local History Room B.
British Isles: Family Tree Periodical Volume 1,#1… to date
Donations of Published Family Histories accepted, as well as papers and records collected over the years – you might consider including provisions in your will, and/or informing a family member of your wishes.


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